Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Really Late, Can't Sleep so I'll Post

Hey there, I'm tired of flipping channels and have been spending some time watching Youtube  videos on Scrapbooking tips & techniques.  I am so glad the internet exsists now.  It's instant gratificaation for me on ideas for my craft.  I used to have to wait for my monthly magazine subscription to arrive to get all this information and then it was just a little bit at a time.  Now I could probably spend an entire day surfing  and not see everything there is by far.  You have choices on the internet also.  If you don't like it you turn the page and you never have to see it again if you don't want to.  It's a beautiful thing.  So here I am sharing some work that I did last week.  I made this card for a friend of mine to give to her Honey for Valentine's Day.  Why didn't I make it for myself you ask?  I don't know why, I make one every year to give to my special someone and this year I don't know I just didn't do it.  Oh well maybe next year I will improve on that.  So here's my card
I'm learning to take better pictures, tip though if you take a picture on your bed you should make it first, LOL.  And that's what it's all about...


Tracy said...

that is a cute card.
This year was the first year I actually made a card for my hubby

Marlene said...

I'm bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. I've made a kazillion cards lately, and I didn't even make one for my hubby for Valentine's. I know - BAD!!!

Your card is lovely. :)

Tanya said...

Hi Trini,
If you are still interested in swapping a mini, email me!