Monday, February 15, 2010

Name Change and an Arrow to some Blog Candy.

Ok so today started out on the right foot.  I decided to clean my S{crap} area trying to fit this (first pic) into this (second pic) and this (third pic) and make it look nice and not like I just crammed it in there.  This is in my bedroom the only place this armoire will fit.  I just can't believe how much S{crap} stuff I have.  As usual I got distracted, UGH!  I got the computer out to start up some music and ended up at "The Beach" just looking around there was a post up there for some Blog Candy HERE from Tanya in North Carolina.  It's for a Pink Cropadile Big Bite.   So I am posting here as that is what the rules say to spread the word on our own blogs.  Then when I started posting I looked at the name on my blog and although I really LOVE leopard print (in tasteful measure, of course) I'm really not Wild and Krazy.  Those days are long gone for me.  Fun while they lasted and no I am not sad about it, being on the wild side took alot of work and of course a lot easier back in the day.  My idea of a good time has also changed.  I had a wonderful weekend scrapping away and to me that was a good time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not boring at least I don't think so.  Anyhoo, I changed the name of my blog to what it is now.  So take from here what you will, because that's really what it's all about.
By the way I want one of these things so bad, it would solve all my space problems.  Wondering if I could make one similar myself. 


Kristin at Attempt Creativity said...

Ditto! I completely want a scrapbox. I think it would be a wonderful present, don't you?