Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is a Cool Recycling Project

This morning I woke up, not really in the mood to do anything so I answered some emails, finally put filters on my email account to make the inpour (is that a word...) of emails more manageable. I hardly ever delete anything so I have some 50,000 emails in my inbox. I tried to delete them once but felt I had to go through each one as to not throw one out that I might actually need for future reference. That's a lot like my life. It's pretty cluttered up with crap. Anyway that's a different story for a different kind of blog. So I started surfing looking for a tutorial for a mini book I want to try out and I found this really cool site Photojojo.
There is a really cool project on there, well I thought it was cool anyway. I think I will put a few in my cubicle since I work for a save the environment agency. Anyway here it is the how to.

I thought is was simple genius. I am going to try it. Love your wild side, see you later. I'm in a sharing mood so maybe I'll be back later today with some other nifty thing I stumble upon.